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The True Meaning of Pop Culture

There are a lot of negative connotations from the term pop culture if you ask the baby boomers of old, but for the new generation, commonly call GENXYZ pop culture is THE culture of today. Pop culture is today’s culture, but what it means is something we have to dig deeper to find out.

To many that I have talked to, it is assumed to be a new expression that represents a new group that is invading a well-established social order.

Although there is some truth to that but some in authority do not see it that way.
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People take it to mean that it is detrimental to society, parents should do something to interrupt its influence upon the children.
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Then here comes the next generation that is being referred to as the “Lost” generation, then the “Gen Yers” generation who are caught with new media, and then the “Gen Z” generation where kids will grow up with a highly sophisticated media and computer environment.

There is an obvious pattern wherein the leading generation does not quite understand where the next generation is going and thus tend to correct what they are doing, and saying that it is not right. This will be the same sentiment of the next generation to the generation that will come after them, feeling that they are not doing the right things. And it goes on and on.

So what is pop culture then?

Here we give what we mean by pop culture. Yes it is a new group that is invading a well-established social order, but not the way we look at it.

This just means a culture that is popular to the present generation.

We all know that society is evolving and bringing many changed to our lives, therefore, each member of society should be able to live or adapt to the present order. We also know that in every social order, there will always be the dark side and the bright side of it, but people have different reactions which is also either good or bad.

Pop culture or popular culture then is a kind of social reaction that people take. That name came from that reality.

Take the case of today’s representative icons, Pop yinyls; Funko pop; bobbledhead; Funko Pop Vinyls, where did these all come from, and why are they very popular to this age group? Super heroes are very popular to an age group. And what does this represent? It could be a generation that mistrusts leaders and look for their own figureheads to rescue society. People look up at star wars and superheroes as somehow something that will give them a better place to live in.

There is something deeper than the common culture because this did not just come from out of the blue.