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How to Market Real Estate

The basic rule of marketing is putting the customers’ needs first. Not that you will not encourage your potential customer to purchase real estate from you, but your approach need to be subtle and it should not be clear cut self-serving. You marketing should be something that deals with the human needs and automating it if necessary.

When real estate properties are advertised either online or in print, you will not see a person, he is faceless, but he has interest in selling and getting big profit from it. This is the reason why it brings chills to someone who is in limbo between settling down upon finding its dream house, and getting it at a discounted price because of the value that it has attached to find. This poor fellow who want to have that choice home have no other recourse but to call the real estate agent. Sales people are too quick to jump on a client that even if they don’t know his needs they are too ready to convince you that they have what you need. This is not catering to their human needs.

Today with online marketing, we wonder why real estate companies spend marketing dollars on lead sources even if they are well aware that most of their business comes from referrals and word of mouth.
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Let’s put it this way, if most of your business comes from you past clients, and in your attempt to get leads cost you six to ten times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one, then by all means, you should focus your efforts on marketing to your past clients.
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Your past clients are out there living their lives, and if you use social media channels which your clients also most likely uses, then both of you would be able to promote the business in your own small ways. The need of having an official website to automate most of your marketing flare and content publication can help free up your time to focus more on the important things. It can also give a potential client take a glimpse of what both of you are talking about before the final visit. It should be noted that when you upload pictures, it would highly represent only the basic features, rigidly minimal but professionally taken. The idea is to encourage them to come and see it tangibly. This should also filter out nuisance within the industry.

With the use of marketing automation tools you can use more of your time to more useful tasks that will benefit your business most.