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How to Maintain Marble Floors Marble is a very beautiful natural stone that has been adopted for use across various sections of the home. Bathroom flooring and kitchen countertops are some of the most common places where marble is used. Marble is not only loved because of its beauty, but also because of its flexibility. It is indeed one of the most flexible stones that you can find in building and construction. For marble to retain its excellent looks, you need to take good care of it. It is long lasting, but needs constant maintenance to avoid wear and tear which will definitely degrade its looks. You cannot clean marble floors in the same manner you clean the other stones such as granite. This is because marble is a softer stone that is susceptible to chemical etching, chipping, and staining. Cleaning marble calls for the right approach that focusses on eliminating dirt while maintaining the luster. Scratching is the commonest problem that faces marble floors. You can actually avoid scratching by remove debris and dirt from the floors on a constant basis. Sand and small stones are the main problem causing scratching and tarnishing on marbles floors. Another common problem is water spills. When there is a spillage, clean the floors or counter tops with water and a piece of cloth. Do not use solutions such as vinegar since they are acidic and will only cause chemical etching.
Understanding Marble
It is easy for acidic liquids to cause stains on marble. Clean any spills from soft drinks and wines as fast as they occur. While cleaning, don’t rub the floors thoroughly since you may end up discoloring or scratching that particular section. Instead, press a rag against the spill to absorb it. If you have a soft mop, you can use it too. Always take care when it comes to the chemicals you use to clean marble floors and countertops. Acidic chemicals will only destroy marble hence stick to alcohol or warm water.
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Despite its looks, marble is actually a fragile stone. You shouldn’t place heavy objects on it, let alone dragging things. If you must place a heavy object on the marble, use a mat to lessen the weight exerted. Children could also cause scratches on your marble floors while playing with their toys. Inform them that they shouldn’t play on areas that don’t have mats. Although maintaining the floors may seem like a difficult process, repairing them is more expensive hence don’t allow them to be damaged to the extent that they’ll need a repair.