6 Cactus Garden Inspirations That You Can Make At Home

6 Cactus Garden Inspirations That You Can Make At Home

Have you ever thought of creating a garden that is indeed dominated by cacti? If Not, You Must See These Inspirations.

Most people prefer to create a garden decorated with a variety of flowering plants. However, cacti are no less interesting if they are used as the main plants in a garden. Especially if you live in an area that experiences a longer hot or dry season than the rainy season. Surely you will be troubled if you have to make a garden with plants that always need water. Unlike the case with cacti, this plant is known as a desert plant that can live with little water.

How, interested in making a garden like this? Check out the following tips and inspiration!

Tips for making a cactus garden

Before deciding to make a cactus garden at home, you must first know the characteristics of the cactus plant. Cactus is a desert plant that cannot live in wet growing media but can still grow in a residential environment.

The following tips must be considered in making it:

  • Cactus plants will not grow well on the planting medium is wet or too watery. So, should avoid excess water.
  • Make sure the garden has good drainage, so cactus avoid puddles.
  • In summer, cactus plants can be watered when the top of the soil is dry.
  • During the rainy season, do not flush cactus and try to avoid the rain, especially the water pooled.
  • Mulch is a great type of soil to use because it allows water to drain out of the plants quickly.
  • Select the type of cactus that is suited to the environment, such as selecting the type of excess water-resistant.

Cactus Garden Design Inspiration

1. Cactus And Succulents

One way to make a cactus garden that is attractive and looks festive is to choose different types of cacti.

A Garden Like This Also Needs An Attention-grabbing Vocal Point, For Example By Adding A Red Cactus Type.

For the garden to look more festive, you can add several types of succulent plants to accompany these desert plants.

Not Forgotten, Add Also Various Stone Ornamental Plants To Beautify Display.

2. Cactus Mounds

Arranging cactus plants can be said to be troublesome, especially if they are planted directly into the ground without planting media such as pots.

However, This Is Not An Obstacle Limiting The Idea Of Arranging Cactus Plants.

How To Arrange Cactus Plants Must Also Be Adjusted To The Type Of Cactus That You Want To Plant.

If You Choose Echinocactus Or Golden Barrel Cactus Type Cactus, You Can Make Cactus Mounds.

3. Red Cactus Garden

Choosing various types of cactus plants is indeed the main aspect of creating a beautiful garden.

Besides, you must also consider the decorative aspect, for example using a red ground or red shale rock.

By adding elements like that, your garden will give a strong impression like a mini dessert.

4. Colorful gardens

This garden does not only have to be filled with lots of cacti but can also be styled with cacti that are spread and spaced.

Through an arrangement like this, you can take advantage of the distance between the cacti to decorate each of the cactus plants.

For example, by making a circle around the cactus using brightly colored decorative stones.

5. Indoor cactus garden

Adjusting to climatic conditions, the type of cactus garden that is safest from the rainy season is an indoor garden.

Not all cacti should be kept outdoors. Smaller gardens are often created indoors.

Examples of gardens like this are very interesting for those of you who want to present a natural impression in the house.

6. Symmetrical rock garden

6 Cactus Garden Inspirations That You Can Make At Home

If you want a minimalist garden, you can make a symmetrical circular stone garden.

A garden like this will look very attractive when using two contrasting stone colors.

Interestingly, maybe you don’t need to use a lot of choice types of cacti.