Deciding on Construction Materials for the Home

Deciding on Construction Materials for the Home

When a homeowner begins to design his dream house there will be 10,000 decisions to make over the course of putting together his dream house. It will be himself or someone else he has delegated these important decisions to make, but underneath all of these decisions is the importance of longevity. Every homeowner wants their home to last and to use the best materials they can afford.

Looking to the Past

For example, looking at making decisions about what kind of roof to put on their house, seems to be a very simple one. After all, no one will live on the roof and most roofs seem to be rather bland, but it is essentially one of the most important parts of the home. In historic America, the primary materials of homes that have lasted are clay, slate, shingles, copper, metal, and tin. Since the roof is part of the most significant part of the architectural structure of a home many present-day homeowners are choosing to return to metal roofing that gives a more lasting permanence to their home. But what are the pros and cons of using metal as roofing or even re roofing an older home with the same metal materials?

Advantages of metal roofing

Metal roofs are long lasting. Some of the oldest homes in Europe were metal roofed as early as the 3rd century, while others lasting over and beyond a century. Today modern roofers will attach a century guarantee on most metal roofing because it has less wear and tear. The cons of shingle roofing are frequency of re-roofing; that is, 100 years as compared to 12-17 years for a replacement.

Finding a Professional Roofer

You can find a professional roofer anywhere in the world within a few minutes by performing an internet search in …

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