Roses Of The World

Roses Of The World

Roses are one of the most popular flowering plants, with over 100 varieties cultivated for their showy flowers. The flowers come in a variety of different colors and sizes, ranging from large and bushy to small and delicate. Roses have been used medicinally in ancient times as well as being prized by gardeners who appreciate their beauty. They can also be used in food, either fresh or dried; rose water is made by steeping rose petals in water then straining it out again. This makes an excellent addition to cakes or desserts!

Rosa glauca

Rosa glauca is a species of rose native to the eastern Mediterranean region, from Turkey east to Lebanon and north to southern Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. It has been introduced into other regions as an ornamental shrub. The name “glauca” means “bluish gray” in Latin; this refers to the grey-green leaves which are covered with hairs giving them a silvery appearance when young. The flowers are usually yellow but can also be white or pink with five petals (sepals). It grows well in any good garden soil but prefers full sun locations where it will produce masses of flowers throughout summer until early autumn before going dormant over winter months until next year’s new growth emerges from buds formed during previous years’ growth cycle which then flowers again later on in springtime after having gone dormant over winter months since last year’s flowering season ended during late autumn/early winter months at end November through mid February time period depending upon location

Rosa laevigata

Rosa laevigata is a hybrid tea rose that was bred by Jean-Louis Van Fleet in 1956. It is a cross between R. ‘Madame Caroline Testout’ and R. ‘Charles de Mills’. The result was this beautiful flower with light pink flowers with darker pink …

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