How To Transplant Plants

How To Transplant Plants

So you’ve got a new house and a big empty backyard. Or maybe you’re just getting tired of looking at the same old plants in your garden. Either way, it’s time to bring on some new life. But how do you transplant plants? Well, as long as your new location is similar to the one where your plant was growing before, transplanting should be easy enough.

Moving is all about preparation.

Moving is all about preparation. If you’re moving plants from one location to another, there are a few things you’ll need to do before transplanting them into their new home.

Prepare the plant for transplanting

First, make sure that your plant is healthy and ready for transplantation. If it’s not in good shape, don’t move it! Your best bet is probably finding another place for it–either another part of your yard or somewhere else entirely (like a friend’s house). Plants with weak growth will likely not survive being moved once they’re already established in their current location. Next check out our article on how to care for houseplants throughout winter so they’ll be ready when spring rolls around again!

Prepare the soil

Next up: prepare the soil where you plan on planting them after moving day arrives! This step should involve adding some fertilizer; we recommend using an organic fertilizer like Dr Earth Organic All Purpose Plant Food because it contains ingredients such as kelp meal which helps promote healthy root growth while also providing nutrients such as nitrogen phosphorus potassium magnesium sulfur calcium copper zinc manganese boron etcetera ad infinitum amirite?

Preparing to transplant plants

Transplanting is a great way to grow plants in the garden. It’s also a good way to move plants to a new location, such as when you’re adding new beds or transplanting shrubs.…

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