The differences between Debit and Credit Cards

In some consumer bank, having a credit card is also important in addition to having a debit card. With a credit card, we can do shopping goods or services in many trade outlets without using cash, so we do not have to bother anymore to carry cash everywhere we go shopping with a higher risk of loss. Moreover, on-line commercial transactions, almost always using a credit card. And please note that the credit card you can have a lot of amenities more flexible payment convenience. If you want more profound explanations of the credit card can visit the website

At the time of opening an account in the Bank, suggested at that time should immediately make a debit card. And it seems almost all Bank policies now this is so. Due to reduce long lines at the teller. Even lately, pull cash at the teller charged.

Debit card function is quite important. Now almost not a person who has an account at the bank but do not have a debit card. In addition to debit cards, other cards associated with the banking world is a credit card. Today many people still do not know the function of each of these cards. If the utility or benefit debit cards, and credit cards are still not understood, let alone know what the difference is. For that this time, we talk about both of these cards.

What is a Debit Card ?

There are two kinds of debit cards, cards issued by the bank to its customers services that functions to draw / take cash, check balances, transfer funds, and payments on-line via ATM (Automatic Teller Machine). So it has been using automated machines to service customers. And a function that is more meaningful again, it could be used to take cash from the account through an ATM.

Another type of debit card that their role is only to substitute cash, which can be used for shopping or trade transactions in outlets that accept debit cards only. This card can not be used for ATM transactions, only be used in lieu of cash. And also can not be used to withdraw cash.

So there are two kinds of debit cards, one can be used for banking transactions through ATMs and can also be used for shopping. And one debit card is only used as a substitute for cash only, functions such as cash when used shopping in trade outlets accept debit cards of this type.

What is a Credit Card ?

This card is similarly issued by banks and the like. However, the use of different credit cards with a debit card, but similar in function to debit cards. Between debit and credit card is another card, not the same card.

Its function is almost the same as a debit card for shopping and paying non-cash. What distinguishes it is: If the debit card payment system by taking / cut the balance we found in a bank account, but if the credit card by way of debt.

Credit cards do not have a balance. If we are spending money using these cards, which means that we owe. These debts later totaled and billed monthly. But remember, these cards if the owner is a person who is not wise to use it, it will make the wasteful and that late bill payment, interest was very big.

That understanding and differences debit cards and credit cards. Although both the card there are similarities, but in function, usage, and different uses. Hopefully what I wrote above helpful.