Make Money With No Start-Up Costs by Gardening – Three Ways to Do It

When people think of how to make money with no money from home, they seem to think mainly of office activities or perhaps of artistic endeavors. One way to work at home and make money that is often overlooked is by gardening. More and more people are wanting to eat locally produced food nowadays — for better flavor, freshness, and nutrition as well as to help cut the ecological burden of the oil used in transporting food thousands of miles.

From Your Garden

There are countless ways that gardening can provide income. You can grow vegetables, fruits, or flowers to sell at local Farmers’ Markets. Don’t like spending your Saturdays at the market? You can develop restaurant customers or regular retail customers from among your friends and their friends. Grow specialty plants for better prices. Dried flowers have their place, and edible flowers are very popular.

Admittedly, most gardening is seasonal but a small homemade greenhouse or cold frame can extend the season beyond what other gardeners in your area are doing.

From Your Kitchen

You can grow a lot of sprouts in a small space. They are so packed with nutrients that you can sell for them for good prices. Broccoli sprouts have a surprisingly tangy flavor and are extremely healthful to eat.

In Other People’s Gardens

Many people don’t have time to garden. Or they start a garden and don’t have time to keep it up. Perhaps they could manage all the gardening itself but don’t have the strength or skills to prepare the beds and dig in compost. All of these situations are opportunities for anyone who likes garden work. You wouldn’t necessarily even need to have your own tools.

These gardening ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for ways a gardener can make money with no money. Don’t limit your work-at-home thinking to business opportunities you might read about. Get out in your garden — or pull out your seed catalogs if it’s not gardening season — and see what ideas you can come up with! People love fresh garden produce and there will always be a market for it.