Guidelines in Installing Siding

Guidelines in Installing Siding

Installing siding yourself is very practical because it saves you a great deal of money. Without having to hire a contractor, you can be successful as a do-it-yourselfer and avoid the huge costs of home siding. So, if you plan to install the home siding by yourself, you should prepare the exterior of your home. Whatever the existing exterior of your home is, you would have to buy wood or hardi board and nails to grasp up the vinyl siding.

Most newly built homes have a sheathing on their walls upon which the vinyl siding could easily attach to. You just have to be certain that the nail is not grasping the siding very tightly amidst the wall because the vinyl siding changes size with the weather.

But before you actually begin installing siding, prepare and gather the tools that you would be using. And agree with your traditional building department to verify the rules for nail spacing, cost of building permit, and schedule for inspection. Remember to remove all the things from your wall’s interiors which might fall down while you work. Put away unneeded things in your area of work to evade any tripping hazard.

You could also lay newspapers or tarpaulins on the floor so you could clean up faster and easier. If you have a previous siding, take it off. Utility lines and any other hindrances from the siding’s facade must be removed. You could use a pry bar, a reciprocating saw, a nail puller, and a hammer to eliminate siding and trim boards. But you must always keep your area of work free from debris.

Then, ready the trim boards and siding for installation. Place a mark on areas where studs for framing, plumbing lines, and electrical lines are to prevent placing nails into an improper place. After marking, cut, and measure the siding according to size. Then, place the siding on your wall and secure it; and then, install the trim boards.

But you must never forget to read the manufacturer’s installation instructions. You have to fully understand the instructions to be able to follow the procedures correctly. And in case your siding includes a manufacturer’s warranty and you did not follow instructions, your warranty might get void. Vinyl siding is increasing its popularity because they make a very good alternative for woods.

The Crane siding company offers good quality vinyl. Then, you have to be certain that you set the weatherproofing properly. It would not be difficult to tell if the manufacturer of the products you are using has installation instructions. So, be careful in installing the material for weatherproofing. Next, you should use the proper methods of fastening for your home’s new siding.

If the siding manufacturer tells you that you must only use stainless steel nails or crews, you should do so. The manufacturer has examined that product, so you must be aware of the possibility of improper siding installing if you disobeyed. And be certain that you stock the siding materials properly, because some of those siding materials can be damaged easily if not stored properly.