Hallway Cabinets

Hallway Cabinets

Many homes find the use of storage space to be a critical part of living. The use of aisle cabinets helps maximize storage space without causing more clutter or clutter around the house. However, this can be challenging because the hallway must be functional and used as a highway to get around on our property. So finding storage must accommodate the hallway function as an area that must be traversed. There are pieces and storage cabinets specifically designed for the hallway and hallway areas. This is a great solution for extra storage while maintaining decent space in the hallway area. When deciding on hallway storage and cabinets, there are important things to consider.

What types of things to store in a hallway can help to dictate what type of storage pieces can be used. For example, if small knick-knacks and gadgets need storage, shelving in the hallway can be used if these objects look good on display. However, if other items, such as extra linens and towels are to be stored in the hallway, a cabinet piece or small chest of drawers may be more fitting for the job. Small cubbies and baskets can be used to hide extra items. Hallway storage can also blend well with the hallway surroundings, such as picture frames. Different types of wood materials can be chosen to match that of hallway frames and shelves, whether it be darker woods, or even antique brass. Certain factors to consider when choosing storage pieces of hallways include every type of measurement, from ceiling height, to hallway length and width. By knowing all of these measurements ahead of time, you are able to pick out the best possible hallway storage system that will allow the passageways to be comfortably functional and spacious enough for traffic.

For commercial areas and public buildings and businesses, hallway storage can be very common. For example, many dentist offices use drawers and cupboards in the hallway area, because individual examination rooms usually cannot accommodate all the storage needed. These cabinets, like cabinets in homes or apartments, need to be functional for storage without impeding on the function of the walkway. Usually, these cabinets are placed in the end hallway area for optimal usage of space without adding an obstacle to the passageway. A chest of drawers and cabinets are helpful for commercial use. Also, the difference between residential and commercial hallway cabinets is the fact that commercial businesses usually have certain building codes, fire codes, or regulations that involve entryways or hallways. Thus, storage pieces may have to fit specific measurements as to not go against certain regulations or codes.

Whether you are looking at simple shelving or a complex cubby system for your hallway storage needs, the most important thing is to make sure you have measured spaces to accommodate cabinets. While it is ideal to make the most use of open space in homes, hallways can be tricky because extra clutter can be hazardous to traffic. Thus, if you are not using shelving and are looking for cabinets or drawers that will take up floor space, it is smart to be as economical with space as possible.

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