How to Take Care of a Tall, Thin Wine Rack in Your Home

How to Take Care of a Tall, Thin Wine Rack in Your Home

Wine racks are a great, space-saving way to store your wine, especially in smaller homes with limited space. Wine racks can be mounted almost anywhere, and there are multitudes of designs and materials. is a starting point to find what would work for your cherished wine collection. Wine racks can hold as many or as few bottles as you like. Maybe your home doesn’t have a cellar-sized space, and a tall thin wine rack is more appropriate.  Picking the best design for your needs, using your rack correctly, and caring for it ensures you enjoy your wine collection.

Choosing a Wine Rack

There are so many size options that it comes down to the number of bottles and where you can place your rack. A large blank wall will look fantastic with a wooden structure filled with gleaming bottles in front. An awkward corner can evolve into a gorgeous mini-cellar. A hanging wine rack transforms a breakfast counter. These are especially popular as they save space and can even hold wine glasses. Do a little virtual window shopping to find the design you love, and start measuring up. The only caveat here is to be aware of your rack weight. A full rack will be heavy – take the time to ensure it is fully stable and solidly mounted before stocking up. Metal racks are strong, but wooden ones will not damage your bottles. There are a few points to proper wine rack usage.

How to Use a Wine Rack

Wine bottles should be stored lying down. Keep the cork moist to prevent air ingress and potential mould, which is fatal for your wine. Select your rack with horizontal storage for any long-term storage. If you only intend to hold the wine short-term, a vertical or tilted rack will suffice but is still not advised. When placing your wine rack, ensure it is never in direct sunlight nor near a heat source. Both of these are the bane of wine and will ruin it. Don’t place your rack on an appliance to avoid vibration. Keeping your wine and the rack in excellent condition is the ultimate goal for any oenophile.

How to Care for Your Rack

Regular dusting with a dry cloth will keep dust at bay. An old towel cut into handy rags is a good choice as the slightly coarser texture will also lift off any grime or particles without damaging the rack. Always dust in the direction of the wood grain to avoid scratch marks. Those with kitchen-based racks swear by a layer of wax paper on top for catching dust and any airborne bits that inevitably find hard-to-reach places. If you have opted for a wooden rack, you must decide between stained and unstained. The unstained variety shows the natural beauty of the wood but can stain easily. Staining the wood has the advantages of making it more durable and resistant to nasties like termites, mould, mildew, and the like. Lacquer adds an added layer of protection against moisture while looking good. Unstained racks will also benefit from frequently waxing to repel water and maintain their lustrous condition. Like anything in life, regular care pays dividends.

Wine racks are an investment in your wine and your home. Take the time to choose yours carefully, and you will have many blissful years of enjoying your collection in style. Gesondheid!